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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CAMS Portal?

The CAMS Portal is a part of the CAMS that allows you as a registered member to access information about you, your vehicles and easy entry to events.

You can access the CAMS Website here

How do I enter an event via the CAMS Portal?
Once you log into the CAMS website, you can select Event Entry – direct link is here

This is where you can maintain info about you, your vehicles, find events and enter and pay directly.

To help you navigate the Event Entry System, there is a good Tutorial Video here

Do I need to register?
Registration for the Series is now Open 🙂  Although anyone with an eligible vehicle and CAMS license can participate in our events and we welcome you and want you there, only registered series competitors are eligible for series points, are provided with a specific number etc.

If you would like to Register, you can click on the REGISTER button on our Top Menu or go straight here.

Is my car eligible?
The Series allows for both road-registered and non road-registered vehicles.

To see if your vehicle complies, please check our 2018 Series Regulations under the EVENTS Menu and we will shortly be publishing a Guide to Cars and Classes to help.

What Licenses do I need?
To compete in Speed Event Series events, you will need a minimum of a CAMS L2S license and also be a member of a CAMS affiliated club.

If you don’t already have a license, you can apply for now via the CAMS website here.
CAMS Registration

Where are events held?
The Series holds a variety of events including circuit sprints, hill climbs and tarmac road circuit sprints.

Many of these are held at racetracks such as Barbagallo and Collie with hill climbs currently being offered at Jack’s Hill (next to Barbagallo), the Wind Farm in Albany, a new Hillclimb circuit at Collie and hopefuly resurrection of some great hillclimbs such as Northam and others. Watch this space 🙂


Important Information

Our 2018 Standing Regulations and Entry info for Round 1 are now on the website

Important Information

Our Guides to Cars & Classes will be published soon.